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The rule I

“Caul, my friend dead? NOOOO!!!” Gentle cried

[Tola consoles him]

“Gentle , please no one is happy as he’ s gone [he cries], be calm. Carlo sent me to tell you that he would be buried at the brook now, i have to go cause i have a lot of people to inform”

[At  the brook]

Carlo, Alley, Tola, Bingo, Private, and Piggy all stood in silence as they saw Caul’s dead body for the last time before they bury him. [Gentle enters]

“Caul!!!, Gentle cried from behind [All looked back]

Gentle ran in tears to where Caul’s lifeless body is lying

“Caul, my friend [he cries louder] i’m sorry for my nonchalant attitude. I’m sorry Caul! Caul!! Caul!!! [he begins to sing]

if we tell, if we tell, if we tell if we tell…..

[the other animals came close to him and they carried him, but Gentle refused to be ] “I promise to revenge against those that killed you.. i promise” [they carried him away]

Carlo started,

“In the name of the gods of our land, for it is said that we shall all die but[ Tears flowed from his eyes] i bury you Caul now” they put Caul in the hole dung by Bingo, hen Piggy and Gentle covered the hole with stones.

Not long Buz and his new girl came in,

“Hello everyone” Buz said as he saw everyone in tears

[Alley angrily spoke] “Buz, why are you just coming? And you know that it’s our friend Caul that died. You can‘t even come early to say farewell to our great singer of all times”

“who is the singer?” Buz said

“What!” Tola exclaimed

“Tola pleas, i didn’t come here to honor anyone, i don’t know why you came to disturb my enjoyment with my girl, my queen; please don’t even bother to say anything, i’m going”

“My baby had said it all so…..”the lady bee said

[Alley arose in anger]

“Buz wait a second, is this what you would use to repay Caul for all he hath done for you. Buz! he helped you on your courage, he sang for you when you are in fear, in distress, he held you tight” Carlo said

“Shut up!, who is who? That one that cannot even teach someone. Thanks to Dido, i owe him my sincerity [ he held his chest]. Let me tell you something, Caul is nothing to me, he’s just a mere street singer. So let me be. [to the lady] Lets go for another round baby ha ha ha ha” Buz walked  out of their presence with his baby on his arms

[Gentle angrily shouted]

“you are a traitor!” he ran down to fight with Buz but was dragged back by the other animals

“STREET SINGERS HA HA HA HA” Buz and his lady laughed

[Carlo having an illusion]

“Caul!… Caul!!…. Caul!!!… Buz run AAH!!!” [Buz and his lady ran back in fright as they looked around for what is chasing him]

“Carlo! Carlo!!” Tola shouted

“What’s wrong” Gentle asked

[breathing heavily] i just saw something. I saw….”

“what did you see, say something and stop keeping us in suspense”Buz cut’s in

“I saw Caul arising from the ground, his eyes like a flaming fire, his teeth as a sharp razor, his hands facing you Buz, not long he wanted to run after you”

“I told you Buz, you are a traitor”Gentle said

“ooohhh the gods are anger at you Buz” Piggy broke in

“shut up it’s just a mere illusion my dear let’s go”

“okay, my baby”  [they both left the brook]

“Carlo is there something wrong with you?” Gentle asked

“i don’t know”

“he sometimes just faint “, said Tola

“why don’t you just come to my house, i have a place where you would get your healing fom this fast”Gentle said

[Piggy broke in]

“But i thought Raph, one of the chicken that heals is on the other side of he road why don’t you just go to him”

“Shut up!!!”

“Caul farewell!” they all said as they passed his grave


*   [at Biggy’s new home]

Skal and Biggy dragged Rubo to the new bought house of Biggy.

“you tried to run away but you failed, you killed your only friend” Skal started

“[in tears] Caul, you killed Caul, you would one day be killed you foolish goat”

“ha ha ha ha ha  where did you learn that word from [to Skal] how would Cass get to know where we are?” Biggy said

“I don’t know, i think i would go and inform him and also Tigres- i’m sure that Tigres is still training with him. I’m gone” [ Skal leaves]

“Fool, you would help us with that thing whether you like it or not ha ha ha ha ha ” Biggy laughed as he dragged Rubo into a room

[at the chickens quarter]

Skal went in to ask for Cass but found out that the chickens are having a meeting so he decided to hide and listen to what they are saying. [Chik stood up and Spoke]

“As you all know me as Chik the leader, i would like you all to know that i and Cass had made an arrangement for our former mission of the weapon. I am happy to say to you that Cass had created a weapon that would be helpful, thanks to him for creating the little thing  i call a pistol for this thing he created has been of help these days that the crime rate has increased. Now i’m happy to say that he had created a more powerful weapon, it’s a blade but i would like to call it a sword rather that the normal cutlass that the people here is using.[Applause] yes, the work for rebuilding Irea is going on. I would also like to thank you all for your support and help, yes i also would be happy to come up tomorrow with you guys to declare myself as the leader of this field [Applause] thank you for i’ve seen that everyone loves us so if i would declare myself as their leader they would all agree with us. Hult you know your usual work, find a good spot for all the animals in Irea to meet their new leader….”

“what about the barn?” Hult said

“o yes the barn would be okay for that. [Applause] Thank you, you all can all get back to your work place” They all dismissed


“i better get Cass fast or else he would leave me” Skal ran to his zoom,then drove to where Cass is standing

“hey Cass”

“what are you doing here do you want Chik to sight i and you together”

“hop on in”

[Cass enters as Skal drives out into the streets]

“Nothing Cass but where’s Tigres?, i thought he would be with you training as usual”

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